Why join CCJM Consulting Ltd online biz trainings ?

MEET: Christina, Sangeeta, Vivien, Praveen & Nina

DISCOVER: WHY they decided to join CCJM Consulting Ltd online biz trainings.

Christina: Freelance Illustrator/Designer/Artist

“Main objectives joining CCJM Consulting Ltd online trainings was to gain business confidence and focus within the within a group environment of people that are having similar ambitions. Different skill sets that you can learn from each other. It was really helpful to gain focus because you have a set time need to be there and action the weekly group tasks. It helped me give me structure and drive to move forward with my business. “

Sangeeta: Artist · Art · Visual Arts

“The reason I joined the online training was to learn and to keep growing my business. The reason I chose this particular group is because I have attended sessions and I know the quality that is being delivered. I had confidence in the quality. Also being in a group meant you could learn and motivate each other. “

Vivien:Therapist ·Life Detox Coach

“I already knew Ariane of CCJM Consulting. I’ve also had business conversations/strategy sessions. I knew Ariane was an expert in her field and she was offering an online business training. Taking my business online and the timing was absolutely perfect because of the environment. I needed to take my business online because I could see more people even more people with anxiety and depression that I can help with my business online. I had some ideas but I needed help with more Focus. Timing was just perfect to join the group and get the benefit of Ariane’s wonderful experience and the other people in the group. 

Praveen: Tai Chi Studio · Astrologist & Psychic_Golden Tree

“I decided to join CCJM Consulting Ltd training because I was overwhelmed with the idea of going online. I am very much into person to person if you know about one-to-ones.I just didn’t have much online business presence. So diving in was quite overwhelming for me. So being with the business training that I’ve joined really helped me. All the different business modules were recovered beautifully in this course. “

Nina: Accredited Mindfulness Teacher _Mindfully You

I needed to improve my online business presence and my Facebook business page. This just seemed a great opportunity to do that. And it was over the start of lockdown so it was good to do online. “

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Effective, professional and friendly business consulting is hard to find in a field driven by buzz words and jargon. Not with CCJM Consulting Ltd, a venture floated by Ariane Eva Morin, a veteran of the startup / small business industry with over 15 years of business experiences and project management.