The ability to see problems as opportunities to learn & grow

Here at CCJM Consulting Ltd we believe that true entrepreneurship is having the ability to see problems as opportunities: opportunities to learn, grow, improve, or adjust ina way that leaves your business better off than before the problem existed.

If you had asked us back 20 years ago about it, our answer would definitely would have been radically different! Just like good wine …we mature and we get better! We fall and we get up, we fail and we learn! It’s not easy but it is a process to go through.

There is no magic way to switch to the mindset of seeing challenges as opportunities to learn, grow. You simply have to take the time to retrain your brain. It is possible, with consistent effort. The more you grow your business, the more you will realise there is so much more there that can be done to develop and improve your small business!

The more you grow your small business, new challenges will arise but it is how you decide to approach these new challenges and what skills and tools you are armed with and equipped with that will make you a winner and ready for the next challenge!

  • sk for feedback on your business services or products, staying focused, get into action, avoid negative people, getting a mentor or coach, read more books, review your business strategy and action plan on regular basis and be flexible …these are a few ways that will help your business grow.

  • If you do not know the answer to a problem seek for help. Make use of your professional network. Do not be scared reaching out to professionals or to others who have been where you are now and who have successfully navigated their way. This will same you time and possibly money too.

  • Also, you need to consider when to delegate and outsource. It is very tempting as small business owners to keep the “I can do it it all” mindset but in reality in order to grow your small small business you need to focus on running your small business in a smart and productive way by the means of tools, systems, automations, delegation and possibly outsourcing. This will of course depend on the stage your small business activity is at. Everything in it’s own time.


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    To a fabulous start of a new business week! to your success!


Ariane Eva Morin Business Consultant CCJM Consulting Ltd

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