5 simple ways your office can become more eco-friendly and efficient

Happy Earth day!

A day that reminds us to continue to do the little things that help our environment.

A very good question to ask yourself with your small business: “How does your small business contribute to a better planet?”

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Here are 5 simple ways your office can become more eco-friendly and efficient:

1-Pull the plug

One very easy thing you can do is to turn off computers, and other electronics when they’re not in use. All of your equipment must be switched off at the main plug. Turn off electronics, lighting, and heat every evening. It might take a little bit of practise to get these new habits into place. Be patient and keep at it!

2-Switch your lighting Install energy-efficient light bulbs.

There are two main types of energy efficient light bulbs available in the UK. Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFLs) and Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs). Both CFLs and LEDs are a cost-effective option for most general lighting requirements. CFL use about 75 to 80 per cent less electricity than equivalent traditional bulbs and can last up to ten times longer. LED replacements are available for most light fittings, and are particularly suitable for replacing spotlights and dimmable lights and more and more options for LED main ceiling bulb replacements are coming on to the market.

3.LED prices have come down a lot over the last few years and now offer the best value for money. (Source https://energysavingtrust.org.uk) 3- Only use what you really need.

Use electricity, paper, water wisely. Sometimes it’s simply because we are not paying attention! Be mindful with your everyday actions.

The greenest paper is no paper at all, said Vince Digneo, sustainability strategist at Adobe.Try to reduce printing or using paper as little as possible. Offer paperless invoices to your customers or print on recycled paper if you can.And if you have not switched to re-usable cups (your own ones) or recycled / recyclable paper cup for tea breaks ..

.you know what you need to do

4- Maximise natural light.

 It might simply come down to opening up all the blinds and curtains as soon as the daylight is up. Relying more on natural light when possible also saves energy. A single south-facing window can illuminate 20 to 100 times its area.
 5- re-use / recycle office furniture / paper, give or sell.
 Plenty of local outlets that enable recycling. It might become someone else’s treasure!
 If you not already applying this in your life or your small business – it’s never too late to start! Today IS a perfect day to start making small changed for a HUGE positive impact on our planet.
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 Happy Earth Day ya all!
 Ariane & CCJM Team!