London secondary SCHOOL April 2023

Project Scope: overall digital transformation and rebranding of BSfG school by identifying new or better marketing opportunities for innovation and brand improvement.  The school digital re-branding project was divided into several different smaller projects: digital rebranding, PR & inhouse school publication design and publishing.

Digital rebranding & upgrading the school digital social media campaign:

The problem: the social media campaigns had no brand identity, it was not aligned with the brand, it was not reflecting the mission and vision of the school.

The result: a clean, streamline, less painful process in place. A very successful campaign. BSfG is now able to attract a larger and more targeted parent audience, specifically catering to the desired student demographic. Additionally, the local community began to take notice and engage with our new BSfG marketing campaigns both online and offline, generating a marketing buzz, capturing their attention, and ultimately compelling the community to further explore the school’s refreshed brand.