Expert Furniture Repair & Upholstery Sept 2021 & Sept 2022 

We have undertaken a variety of different business and marketing projects for this client. 

One notable example is the creation of a website from scratch and its integration with an Etsy shop. 

Additionally, we took charge of the complete business event management for The Creative Mile, ensuring all necessary administrative paperwork was in place to host small creatives for this annual event. 

Our scope of work also included media and social media capture and sharing, wherein we devised a captivating countdown marketing campaign and captured footage (videos & photos) over the weekend. Subsequently, we orchestrated a comprehensive social media marketing campaign, covering the event itself and the post-event highlights. 

Furthermore, we excelled in database management, where we developed a user-friendly capture form using Mailchimp. We also trained event staff to proficiently utilize the form on the day of the event, effectively managing the captured data to execute successful follow-up email marketing campaigns on behalf of our client.