High End Fine Jewelry retailer March 2022 – May 2022


The marketing project objective was to develop a comprehensive social media marketing campaign from scratch that effectively projected the new client’s brand concept. Additionally, the project aimed to digitally expand the client’s product portfolio on two online selling platforms: Etsy and Jewelstreet.

To commence, the initial step involved clearly defining the client’s new brand direction and expectations. Subsequently, I provided a detailed project brief to my design team, outlining the requirements for a social media campaign that aligned perfectly with the client’s brand image. Once the client approved the campaign, I efficiently coordinated with my team to schedule the online launch.

Simultaneously, I collaborated closely with my tech team to populate the client’s products on the designated online selling platforms. Excellent listening and communication skills were imperative throughout the project to ensure its successful outcome. Furthermore, my strategic thinking, creativity, and negotiation abilities were instrumental in proposing and presenting the social media campaign to the client, leaving no room for oversight.

Meticulous attention to detail was paramount at every stage of project management, from initiation through to completion. The project concluded by assessing the reach and impact of the online social media campaign and transferring the campaign specifics to the client, enabling them to replicate the process autonomously.

*As a result of this comprehensive approach, our client experienced exponential growth in online reach and a significant increase in online selling opportunities.