Writing an ebook for your small business is a great ways to gain exposure and authority. It establishes you as an expert in your industry. Credibility and authority are both buying triggers.

It will also help enhance your business exposure through marketing efforts, press and publicity of your ebook. It might also help you generate new or more business opportunities such as opportunity to be interviewed for your local newspaper or be a guest on a podcast or TV.

Your ebook is the ultimate lead magnet as it provides you with an entry into your sales funnel if you give it away for free.

Ebook collaborations are also a fantastic way to get the same benefit of writing your own ebook but it gives you extra oumfff, exposure, support, creativity juices. We have recently produced and release a wellbeing collaboration ebook called “Feel happy and young for women over 40″.

But it is important to make note of few work collaborations fundamentals or else it could be a disaster collaboration. Read more about it here.

An ebook is also another product to market and profit from in itself. It is also a great way to create long lasting communication with your ebook readers by create a sequence of emails.

Many people hesitate to write an ebook. They think it’s going to be a lot of work, or they’re afraid they’re not qualified to write a book. But reality is with a clear plan, passion for your topic some guidance and with the right tools anyone really can write a book. Discover our Lead Magnet Biz e-course. Create & Release a Lead Magnet (such as an ebook) in 7 steps for your Small Business

Follow this e-course at your own pace. This lead magnet e-course Includes: 1:12 Hour On Demand Videos, 18 Lessons, Full Lifetime Access and Access on Mobile. Complete this e-course in 7 days or in 7 weeks. You will get access to a few ebook templates as part of this e-course. Full video Here


Elevating your Business Profile Presentation:

  • What is your business profile

  • Why raise your business profile

  • Examples & tools

  • Reflection time (make use of our checklist)


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Ariane Eva Morin,

Director, Founder & Business Development Expert

Business Services done-with-you & done-for-you

“Effective, professional, approachable and friendly business consulting is hard to find in a field driven by buzz words and jargon. Not with CCJM Consulting, a venture floated by Ariane Morin, a veteran of the startup / small business industry. She is also the founder of The Gaia Network a women in business not-for-profit networking association. We offer ‘done with you’ or ‘done for you’ business services.

We pride our business services for being driven by passion to make our client projects a great success!

• Forward-thinking

• Solutions-driven

• 15 years + of business and corporate experiences

• We take pride in delivering only the highest quality service that exceeds our customers’ expectations. will without any doubt leave you satisfied.

We care about our client’s business. We work very closely with our clients. It is truly a work collabo

Here are some client testimonials:

“Very professional and quick to respond.

She curated a custom marketing plan for my business MycoWoodwork.

Ariane has a deep understanding of markets and was very helpful in getting my advertising and messaging on the right track.”

Alfred Dalby _ MycoWoodwork.

“I found myself stretched at work with an impending event and no extra time to do what was necessary. Ariane quickly, seamlessly and professionally stepped in to get things done. She effortlessly took the reins and calmly facilitated the lead up to my big weekend. She kept me appraised and communicated with me the whole way through, leaving nothing to chance and not missing a thing. I would highly recommend her for any help needed behind the scenes and wouldn’t hesitate to call on her expertise again to help me run my small business.It was a pleasure to have her on board.”

Kal _Studio Flox

“Caring, Genuine and Professional. Cant say much more than that! Highly recommended”

Andre Berry _ Transcendantal Mediation Teacher

“It’s allowed me to be able to adapt and move my business forward in the right direction.

I find Ariane has a huge amount of valuable knowledge and a friendly approach in her business consulting delivery. Fantastic services from CCJM Consulting ! Thank you!

Nichola English _Personal Style Coach

We have teamed up with business partners to be able to offer a variety of done-for-you and done-with-you business services to our clients. From marketing strategy, social media marketing campaigns, project management, business support to website and mobile app creation for small business owners we have to right solution to help them start and grow their small business.

We are running a special offer this February 2022 (until 16th February 2022) 50% off offer our 1:1 Effective _Biz Strategy Session

£450.00 Regular Price

£225.00 Sale Price

Reach out today to see how we can help your small business! Book a 20min free business chat with us HERE.

Ariane Eva Morin Director

Founder and Business Development Expert CCJM Consulting Ltd

The new year is almost here!

The excitement of new YEAR is real with possibly the vision of starting or re-starting seriously or growing your small business!

Maybe finally getting your small business online or maybe having a clear marketing strategy in place for year 2022 to generate more business leads and eventually more sales!

“Well done for making it so far!!!

Well done for your perseverance, passion & determination in running your small business! We are truly proud of YOU!”

Ariane Eva Morin Director, Founder and Business Development Expert CCJM Consulting Ltd

On our end, we have been super busy here at CCJM Consulting Ltd this year working one some amazing client projects and we have some new ones lined up for the new year too!

To help us deliver the best comprehensive business services here at CCJM Consulting Ltd we have put together a dream team: Tom, Aimal, Didier & Adil helping with business processes (sales and growth/scaling processes), digital designs creations and Website & Mobile App creations.

We can’t wait to introduce our dream team to you all over the next coming weeks this new year…watch this space! Embrace the momentum of the NEW YEAR! Let’s do this! But as you know, business projects need careful evaluation and planning. Preparation is the first stage of any business project whether it is a launch or a growth. Here are few reminders of mistakes to avoid:

 Mistake #1 – rushing into business projects

Rushing into business projects without a strategy, planning or clear business goals is a no no. Your small business will not have identifiable business objectives. And without clear objectives you will be wasting precious time, money and resources! Having a clear business strategy is vital to have a clear vision for the future but also on the shorter term it will help you be focus on achieving your goals. This is exactly what we help our clients with with our 1:1 Strategy sessions.

Check out how CCJM Strategy sessions helped some of our clients. Mistake #2 – not taking action

So great ! Now you have a plan of action BUT lack putting it into action. Maybe you are being faced with a multitude of blocks such as lack of information, lack of confidence or lack of business experience etc… We talked about business procrastination over a podcast episode check it out here We also had an episode on Making the jump! where we are sharing the conversation I had with a fitness professional planning to take their business to the next level….explaining the whys of doing as opposed to learning/studying. Mistake #3- sprinting

Running a business is a marathon not a sprint! The fire might become smaller and the hard work might start to feel real! Similar to the adrenaline numbing the fear and then suddenly it hits home!This is when perseverance & consistency comes into the picture. It might be extremely helpful to have a business coach or a business partner to be accountable to on a weekly or even monthly basis at that stage!


Mistake #4- give up too early


Just because it did not work the first time – it does not mean you should give up. The beauty of business is that we live in an ever changing eco-environment and the constant need to adapt to the market demand is real! A crucial part of your business project is evaluate, analyse – this is where the numbers / reports come into the picture & adjust your business strategy and planning. This is when you analyse the responses to your business offer and make the necessary adjustments to improve it or change it. Remember we are here to help you! Simply email us to book a free initial online business chat with us!

What is sustainability?

The name sustainability is derived from the Latin sustinere (tenere, to hold; sub, under). Sustain can mean “maintain”, “support”, “uphold” or “endure.

Generally speaking Sustainability is defined as the ability to sustain or continue.

According to Wikipdia, Sustainability is the capacity to endure in a relatively ongoing way across various domains of life.[2] In the 21st century, it refers generally to the capacity for Earth’s biosphere and human civilization to co-exist. Sustainability has also been described as “meeting the needs of the present generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs” (Brundtland, 1987).

Here are few more definitions:

Sustainable business practices integrate ecological concerns with social and economic ones.

“incorporation of environmental, health, and social value into the core business with no trade-off in price or quality—in other words, with no social or green premium.”

“sustainability “concerns the specification of a set of actions to be taken by present persons that will not diminish the prospects of future persons to enjoy levels of consumption, wealth, utility, or welfare comparable to those enjoyed by present persons.”Bromley, Daniel W. (2008). “sustainability,” The New Palgrave Dictionary of Economics, 2nd Edition. Abstract.

Sustainable business practices integrate ecological concerns with social and economic ones.

Social sustainability:

“social sustainability” in this approach encompasses such topics as: social equity, livability, health equity, community development, social capital, social support, human rights, labour rights, placemaking, social responsibility, social justice, cultural competence, community resilience, and human adaptation.

Health and wellbeing:

The World Health Organization recognizes that achieving sustainability is impossible without addressing health issues.

What measures can you or your small business take to help with sustainablilty?

Ariane Eva Morin CCJM Consulting Ltd Director has worked on a number of Sustainability-orientated projects:

Project 1 : (environment)

Putting together a bid to fundraiser for a local recycling project involving raising awareness and getting local families involved in the collection and recycling process of this project.

Project 2: (social responsibility: health and wellbeing in the community

education in local community)

Focusing on: Nutrition, Physical activity, lifestyle & Emotional elements.

This a programme was specifically designed to help children learn and understand and grow into a healthier lifestyle. For long-term success for your children and their carers.

Project 3: (social responsibility: education in local community, social support)

In 2018 Ariane Eva Morin founded The Gaia Network – a not-for-profit association – for Women in Business supporting women from the local community in their entrepreneurial journey. Creating an online and offline networking and educational & support platform for west London women in business.

Project 4: Better work productivity

Since 2021 CCJM Consulting Ltd has been involved in a variety of business consulting projects of of local artists & creatives and groups who are either using recycled materials or up-cycling materials as part of their business operation.