Write your ebook

Writing an ebook for your small business is a great ways to gain exposure and authority. It establishes you as an expert in your industry. Credibility and authority are both buying triggers.

It will also help enhance your business exposure through marketing efforts, press and publicity of your ebook. It might also help you generate new or more business opportunities such as opportunity to be interviewed for your local newspaper or be a guest on a podcast or TV.

Your ebook is the ultimate lead magnet as it provides you with an entry into your sales funnel if you give it away for free.

Ebook collaborations are also a fantastic way to get the same benefit of writing your own ebook but it gives you extra oumfff, exposure, support, creativity juices. We have recently produced and release a wellbeing collaboration ebook called “Feel happy and young for women over 40″.

But it is important to make note of few work collaborations fundamentals or else it could be a disaster collaboration. Read more about it here.

An ebook is also another product to market and profit from in itself. It is also a great way to create long lasting communication with your ebook readers by create a sequence of emails.

Many people hesitate to write an ebook. They think it’s going to be a lot of work, or they’re afraid they’re not qualified to write a book. But reality is with a clear plan, passion for your topic some guidance and with the right tools anyone really can write a book. Discover our Lead Magnet Biz e-course. Create & Release a Lead Magnet (such as an ebook) in 7 steps for your Small Business

Follow this e-course at your own pace. This lead magnet e-course Includes: 1:12 Hour On Demand Videos, 18 Lessons, Full Lifetime Access and Access on Mobile. Complete this e-course in 7 days or in 7 weeks. You will get access to a few ebook templates as part of this e-course.