Accomplish more in 12 weeks than most do in 12 months

Watch this great video (7.39min) of Brian Moran NYT Best-selling Author of ‘The 12 Week Year’, Corporate CEO, Execution & Leadership Expert!”

12 Week Year Planner is the BOMB! It’s about clarifying, simplifying and getting it done! A simple but powerful process that shifts are actions and propels our results. FOCUS and CONSISTENCY are KEY!

Planning for 12 weeks planning allows you greater focus, be great at a few things, easy to implement and easy to analyse. Less is more! Extra efforts in the details of the plan. You need to execute these plans.

In this video he explains. 

1. Vision: Create a compelling vision. Especially for small business owners > your personal vision and your business visions >>> GOALS >>> for example if you goal is to make 1 million dollars sales >>> if you can do 1 thing what would that be? If we could do one other thing what would that be?

Tactically what do you need to do to get there every week? What actions must you take?

2. Planning: creating a weekly plan week1, week 2, week 3…. from the 12 weeks plan. If it’s not in the plan it’s secondary. FOCUS and CONSISTENCY are KEY!

3. Process Control: support systems = tools and events that keep you on track with your plan

A. Planning: Weekly Planning into daily actions 1/12th slice of the 12 weeks plan. The most important things that you need to do THIS week in order to get to your goal of end of the 12 weeks. Execute THIS WEEK’s tasks. Be more consistent on the actions that REALLY matter.

B. Support: Network support (80% business performance with network support). You will perform better.

4. Score keeping: Measurement is the anchor of reality 💯 What are the 3 , 4 indicators that you use to track results? What is your lead indicator ? Measure the impact, the outcome.

You can’t change last week but you can learn from it. What will you do different this week ? Get back on the plan.

I you are not hitting your goals, it’s either in your plan content or in the execution. Most of the time it’s a lack of execution. Confront the real reasons. Take the correct actions.

Don’t change the plan during the 12 weeks.

The only known way is to IMPLEMENT, analyse and make small adjustments more frequently.


We hope you enjoyed our Tuesday Small Biz Tip!



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