MEET: Christina, Sangeeta, Vivien, Praveen & Nina

DISCOVER: WHY they decided to join CCJM Consulting Ltd online biz trainings.

Christina: Freelance Illustrator/Designer/Artist

“Main objectives joining CCJM Consulting Ltd online trainings was to gain business confidence and focus within the within a group environment of people that are having similar ambitions. Different skill sets that you can learn from each other. It was really helpful to gain focus because you have a set time need to be there and action the weekly group tasks. It helped me give me structure and drive to move forward with my business. “

Sangeeta: Artist · Art · Visual Arts

“The reason I joined the online training was to learn and to keep growing my business. The reason I chose this particular group is because I have attended sessions and I know the quality that is being delivered. I had confidence in the quality. Also being in a group meant you could learn and motivate each other. “

Vivien:Therapist ·Life Detox Coach

“I already knew Ariane of CCJM Consulting. I’ve also had business conversations/strategy sessions. I knew Ariane was an expert in her field and she was offering an online business training. Taking my business online and the timing was absolutely perfect because of the environment. I needed to take my business online because I could see more people even more people with anxiety and depression that I can help with my business online. I had some ideas but I needed help with more Focus. Timing was just perfect to join the group and get the benefit of Ariane’s wonderful experience and the other people in the group. 

Praveen: Tai Chi Studio · Astrologist & Psychic_Golden Tree

“I decided to join CCJM Consulting Ltd training because I was overwhelmed with the idea of going online. I am very much into person to person if you know about one-to-ones.I just didn’t have much online business presence. So diving in was quite overwhelming for me. So being with the business training that I’ve joined really helped me. All the different business modules were recovered beautifully in this course. “

Nina: Accredited Mindfulness Teacher _Mindfully You

I needed to improve my online business presence and my Facebook business page. This just seemed a great opportunity to do that. And it was over the start of lockdown so it was good to do online. “

“Try something different today. Don’t stay stuck, do better.” Andy Wooten Let us help you and your small business get few steps closer to your business goals!

Effective, professional and friendly business consulting is hard to find in a field driven by buzz words and jargon. Not with CCJM Consulting Ltd, a venture floated by Ariane Eva Morin, a veteran of the startup / small business industry with over 15 years of business experiences and project management.



“You are WHAT YOU DO, not what you say you do.” – Carl Jung

This applies in business too!

Your business IS WHAT IT DELIVERS, not what is says what it delivers.

Did you know that “the number one reason why a customer leaves is because they feel like you don’t care about them. ” If you want to stand out, you need to rethink how you treat your customers.

You need to rethink how you treat your customers by delivering excellent customer service:

  • Respond as quickly as possible
  • Know your customers
  • Fix your mistakes
  • Listen to your customers
  • Think long term: A customer is for life



We hope you enjoyed our Tuesday Small Biz Tip!



The excitement of a new month is real! Not only the hope of a new and fresh start or new wind of business project but also – Sept vibes too! Embracing the momentum of excitement is real but all serious business projects need careful evaluation and planning. Just like with sports, you should not rush into things! Preparation is the first stage of any business project whether it is a launch or a growth. So count to 3 …and read these “4 Mistakes to avoid with your small business”!

Here are few mistakes to avoid: Mistake #1 – rushing into business projects

Rushing into business projects without a strategy, planning or clear business goals is a no no. Your small business will not have identifiable business objectives. And without clear objectives you will be wasting precious time, money and resources! Having a clear business strategy is vital to have a clear vision for the future but also on the shorter term it will help you be focus on achieving your goals. This is exactly what we help our clients with with our 1:1 Strategy sessions.

Check out how CCJM Strategy sessions helped some of our clients. Mistake #2 – not taking action

So great ! Now you have a plan of action BUT lack putting it into action. Maybe you are being faced with a multitude of blocks such as lack of information, lack of confidence or lack of business experience etc… We talked about business procrastination over a podcast episode check it out here We also had an episode on Making the jump! where we are sharing the conversation I had with a fitness professional planning to take their business to the next level….explaining the whys of doing as opposed to learning/studying.

Mistake #3- sprinting

Running a business is a marathon not a sprint! The fire might become smaller and the hard work might start to feel real! Similar to the adrenaline numbing the fear and then suddenly it hits home!This is when perseverance & consistency comes into the picture. It might be extremely helpful to have a business coach or a business partner to be accountable to on a weekly or even monthly basis at that stage!

Mistake #4- give up too early

Just because it did not work the first time – it does not mean you should give up. The beauty of business is that we live in an ever changing eco-environment and the constant need to adapt to the market demand is real! A crucial part of your business project is evaluate, analyse – this is where the numbers / reports come into the picture & adjust your business strategy and planning. This is when you analyse the responses to your business offer and make the necessary adjustments to improve it or change it.

We hope these reminders will help you add whichever step is missing in your business project to help you start or grow your business. Remember we are here to help you! Simply email us to book a free initial online business chat with us!

Also, if you have missed it here is a recap on how having clear boundaries & daily routine could help you stay healthy physically, healthy mentally, focused, confident, happy and super productive! DOWNLOAD YOURS HERE

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ou might love it or you might hate it! but the fact is Social media helps people talk about your brand. It also helps boosting web traffic, increasing brand exposure. It can also be used to gain an insight into your market.

Check out the online presentation we delivered with Lillian Lartey and Tokunbo Osunbayo on the power of being seen, heard and be calm HERE. An hour simply packed with amazing tips to be heard, be seen and stay calm while running your small business in these challenging times! You don’t want to miss this!

We know it’s become critical for you and your business to be heard and seen but we also know that you have to be in a place of calm to achieve this. You cannot take chances these days because the competition is ready to take from you the little piece of the market you already hold. We are here to help you get heard, be seen and stay calm, so your business can enjoy all you’ve set it up to do. Watch our video presentation:

Let us help you be SEEN on social media! We will build done-for-you social media content post & videos to catapult brand awareness and drive sales. Branded, relevant and targeted posts specially designed for your small business after your specific requirements. We will follow your style, ideas or can come up with recommendations we work WITH YOU!

We take pride in delivering only the highest quality service that exceeds our customers’ expectations. will without any doubt leave you satisfied.

Do make sure you contact us first with any specific requirement or questions you might have before purchasing your gig.

You can also download our FREE productivity checklist DOWNLOAD YOURS HERE

Ariane Eva Morin, Business Consultant CCJM Consulting Ltd

We are here to help you with your small business. Did you know we offer “done with you” and “done for you” business services! Why not book a business chat with us HERE

Set yourself up for success this week with your Small Business!

Here are 5 simple steps to help you achieve your business goals this week!

1. Take time to set your weekly and daily goals.

  • Each Sundays or Mondays before you even start the week, spend a few minutes writing your business goals in the different areas of your small business: Sales, Marketing, etc…

  • Each Mornings before you start your day review your appointments and write your to do lists for the day.

2. Write down your SMART business Goals

  • Make sure you have written down your business goals and that you track them!

  • When goals are written down you are more likely to intellectually engage and connect with the result of the goal you want to achieve.

3. Focus on one thing & time yourself

  • Multi-tasking does not help us get more done. In fact, it only slows us down.

  • Focusing on one task at a time helps us sustain our concentration, which makes us way more productive and ultimately means we reach our goals a whole lot faster.

4. Track & Review your business Goals

  • Take the time each end of week and each end of day to track if you have accomplished your set business goals of the week or day.

  • Take time to understand how you can improve to reach your goals even better. Adjust.

5. Reward yourself & share your success

  • Rewarding yourself in simple ways for business accomplishments can go a long way.

  • Rewarding yourself for your business successes will in turn increase your motivation and your productivity.

Like with everything else – it takes time and practise to get there…so don’t give up if you don’t get it right the first time! Good luck and let us know how you get on this week :))) You can also download our FREE productivity checklist DOWNLOAD YOURS HERE

As always, we are here to help you with your small business. Did you know we offer “done with you” and “done for you” business services! Why not book a business chat with us HERE . Don’t miss our next updates and sign up for our newsletters.

Ariane Eva Morin, Business Consultant, CCJM Consulting Ltd

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