CCJM Consulting Ltd_ Blog jan 2023_Taking the time to reflect!

CCJM Consulting Ltd_ Blog jan 2023_Taking the time to reflect!

As a small business owner, taking the time to reflect on your business journey and lessons learned is crucial. January provides the perfect opportunity to do just that!

By looking back at successes as well as mistakes made along her professional experiences, Ariane Morin – an accomplished serial entrepreneur, business mentor has acquired valuable wisdom that can be applied by us all when charting new courses ahead this new year 2023.

  • It takes true dedication and tenacity to be successful in the world of small business. Learning from mistakes is a powerful tool, allowing an entrepreneur to stay focused on what works best – never giving up!
  • Make sure to stay true to yourself at all times; let this confidence radiate and bring about those supportive people who acknowledge our differences as strengths rather than weaknesses. 
  • Ultimately take control for an independent success journey where no one can tell us what we are capable or incapable of achieving.
  • Everyone has the capacity to create a positive effect in this world. 
  • Asking for assistance also plays its role – whether from local support groups or online communities striving toward similar goals – as collaborating with others increases your chances of achieving them exponentially.
  • Achieve your ambitions by reaching out to inspiring online mentors and maintaining a sense of individuality. 
  • Realise that failure will be present in the form of individuals discouraging you from continuing, but remember it is their own limitations holding them back – not yours! 
  • Making an effort and dedicating yourself towards finding out what you are meant for can be tough, yet it is integral if one wishes to make progress and secure success. 

Dare to dream big and never let anyone or anything limit you – this is the key to making your dreams a reality. Create an inspiring vision of success that aligns with who you are, be proud of all whom make up your identity and have faith in yourself that it will come to pass. Be brave enough take charge of every step taken on the path towards achieving greatness, free from any limitations imposed by others; create something truly special only limited by what lies ahead within reach!

“There are only two rules for being successful. One, figure out exactly what you want to do, and two, do it.” – Mario Cuomo

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It is important to remember that inclusivity and diversity are key aspects of a successful business. Inclusivity means being welcoming to everyone, regardless of their background, beliefs and abilities.

Did you know that Instagram can be used by people who are blind or have low vision?

Yep – thanks to Instagram features on the app that make it easier to use. For example, there is a feature called ‘VoiceOver’ which reads out the names of the people who are in your photo and the comments that people have left. This makes it easier for people who can’t see to know what is going on in their photo and who is commenting on it.


Alt text is a short text-based description of images that includes information such as text, scene descriptions, and other descriptive information. People who use screen readers such as VoiceOver, TalkBack, or Select-to-speak listen to the alt text as their only way of knowing what is in an image, so having alt text written for images is incredibly important for making an accessible Instagram feed for assistive technology users. Instagram supports alt text up to 100 characters, and alt text can be added or edited once a picture is posted.


  1. Create a new post
  2. Click “compose alt text” underneath advanced settings of the post
  3. Type alt text of your choice
  4. Click “done” when finished


  1. Click on the three vertical dots at the top of the post
  2. Click “edit”
  3. Tap the “alt text” option that is directly on top of the photo, next to the “tag people” option.
  4. Add your own alt text and save it to the photo

In conclusion, if you want to make sure that your business audience, including those with low vision, can see your amazing business Instagram posts, there are a few things you can do to improve your business profile. First, make sure your pictures used are easy to see. You could also consider using brighter colours. Finally, make sure you add alt text and caption on your videos!


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Blogging and newsletters are two effective online marketing tools that business owners can use to reach out to their audiences. However, many people are not sure what the difference between a blog and a newsletter is. In this blog post, we will explore the differences between blogs and newsletters and discuss which one is right for your business. Blogs are generally used to share longer pieces of content, while newsletters typically contain shorter, more curated pieces of information. Blogs allow you to share your thoughts and ideas with your audience in-depth, while newsletters give you the opportunity to share links to your content as well as news and updates about your company. 

Ultimately, the best tool for reaching your target audience depends on what type of content you want to share.

To recap:

1. Newsletters are typically sent out monthly or bi-monthly, while blogs are updated more frequently

2. Newsletters usually contain a mix of company news, product updates, and blog posts, while blogs focus mainly on individual blog posts

3. Newsletters often have a more formal tone of voice, while blogs allow for a more informal tone

4. Blogs allow for reader comments and feedback, which newsletters do not typically have

5. A blog is more informal and interactive, while a newsletter is more formal and one-way communication.

Decide which format will work better for your business based on your goals and target audience.

In conclusion, a newsletter is great for periodic updates on your company or brand, while a blog can be used to share more frequent and varied content with your audience. 

Both are valuable tools in your marketing arsenal, but it’s important to understand the differences between them so you can use them most effectively. 

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