Well done! We are proud of you!

The new year is almost here!

The excitement of new YEAR is real with possibly the vision of starting or re-starting seriously or growing your small business!

Maybe finally getting your small business online or maybe having a clear marketing strategy in place for year 2022 to generate more business leads and eventually more sales!

“Well done for making it so far!!!

Well done for your perseverance, passion & determination in running your small business! We are truly proud of YOU!”

Ariane Eva Morin Director, Founder and Business Development Expert CCJM Consulting Ltd

On our end, we have been super busy here at CCJM Consulting Ltd this year working one some amazing client projects and we have some new ones lined up for the new year too!

To help us deliver the best comprehensive business services here at CCJM Consulting Ltd we have put together a dream team: Tom, Aimal, Didier & Adil helping with business processes (sales and growth/scaling processes), digital designs creations and Website & Mobile App creations.

We can’t wait to introduce our dream team to you all over the next coming weeks this new year…watch this space! Embrace the momentum of the NEW YEAR! Let’s do this! But as you know, business projects need careful evaluation and planning. Preparation is the first stage of any business project whether it is a launch or a growth. Here are few reminders of mistakes to avoid:

 Mistake #1 – rushing into business projects

Rushing into business projects without a strategy, planning or clear business goals is a no no. Your small business will not have identifiable business objectives. And without clear objectives you will be wasting precious time, money and resources! Having a clear business strategy is vital to have a clear vision for the future but also on the shorter term it will help you be focus on achieving your goals. This is exactly what we help our clients with with our 1:1 Strategy sessions.

Check out how CCJM Strategy sessions helped some of our clients. Mistake #2 – not taking action

So great ! Now you have a plan of action BUT lack putting it into action. Maybe you are being faced with a multitude of blocks such as lack of information, lack of confidence or lack of business experience etc… We talked about business procrastination over a podcast episode check it out here We also had an episode on Making the jump! where we are sharing the conversation I had with a fitness professional planning to take their business to the next level….explaining the whys of doing as opposed to learning/studying. Mistake #3- sprinting

Running a business is a marathon not a sprint! The fire might become smaller and the hard work might start to feel real! Similar to the adrenaline numbing the fear and then suddenly it hits home!This is when perseverance & consistency comes into the picture. It might be extremely helpful to have a business coach or a business partner to be accountable to on a weekly or even monthly basis at that stage!


Mistake #4- give up too early


Just because it did not work the first time – it does not mean you should give up. The beauty of business is that we live in an ever changing eco-environment and the constant need to adapt to the market demand is real! A crucial part of your business project is evaluate, analyse – this is where the numbers / reports come into the picture & adjust your business strategy and planning. This is when you analyse the responses to your business offer and make the necessary adjustments to improve it or change it. Remember we are here to help you! Simply email us to book a free initial online business chat with us!