Done-with-you unforgettable marketing piece!

hen it comes to getting your small business the exposure it deserves, a professional video is essential. In 2022, online marketing is more important than ever, and a high-quality video is the best way to reach potential customers.

Don’t miss out on this valuable opportunity – let us help you create a stunning video that will promote your business in the most effective way possible.

Have you heard about CCJM Consulting’s video & photo package deal for small business owners.

We have sourced the perfect videographer / photographer for you, and we will even coordinated a beautiful venue and background actors in West London, UK.

Our team will help you create done-with-you unforgettable marketing piece!

CCJM Consulting offers a fantastic package deal for small business owners who need a professional video and a couple of high resolution pictures. We will even source and coordinate a beautiful location and find some talented actors to appear in the background of your pictures and video. Engaging video and stunning professional pictures for your small business at a great package deal!

PACKAGE PRICE from £350: for 1hour filming onsite Event + Video editing (2 min Video)

+ 10 high resolution Photos.

ADD-ON Services available: Venue Hire Business Centre (see pictures), Background Actor(s), Studio Hir

So check the details out below or simply message us to GET A QUOTE TODAY!