A short reflection on my entrepreneurial journey!

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A short reflection on my entrepreneurial journey!

Through my experience in business I have come to learn that to be an entrepreneur you need specific winning characteristics including focus, commitment, a smart work ethic and patience. I have discovered that you need all of these qualities  (and more!) to make your business grow and become a success. In business as in life everything needs time to grow! You start by planting a seed and watch it grow over time
Another very important key learning of my entrepreneurial journey is that I can confirm that there are no shortcuts ! You cannot grow from a seed to a tree !
Success is a result of a “learning journey” where you will eventually make some mistakes and learn from those mistakes but this is part of learning process in reaching and achieving  success you cannot bypass this process.
I was having this exact same conversation yesterday with my husband CEO of a upcoming rising, business award winning online platform for B2B. We were reflecting on our respective journeys as entrepreneurs: the highs, the lows, the heartaches, the disappointments, the celebrations ! It is all part of the journey of becoming / learning / growing.
Yesterday was a WIN day ! a Celebration Day ! I was selected Top100 female Entrepreneur by  #f:Entrepreneur  #ialso for  inspiring peers and communities through my businesses and activities.
I had such a fantastic time yesterday at the House of Lords! Thank you Michelle Ovens MBE for creating such an amazing movement with#f:Entrepreneur #ialso. What an amazing afternoon yesterday with so many other wonderful women entrepreneurs! 
Celebrating small wins on the way to bigger success is VERY important !  It helps you keep going, it’s fun to celebrate, it makes you feel happy and it helps you boost your business confidence too !
If you already have made the big jump into entrepreneurship or if you are thinking about it, here are some of questions you should ask yourself:
  • Are you passionate enough ? Passionate about your business to sustain the day-to-day, late nights, not so glamorous parts of running that business?
  • Are you in it only for the money ? Being in it for the money may make you more inclined to jump ship when things get tricky, whereas if you’re passionate about your idea, you’ll be more inclined to tough it out.
  • How much do you REALLY want the end goal ?

Ayelet Noff got it right by saying “If you’re passionate about your business and what you do, you’ll do well and your business will excel, the two go hand-in-hand.”

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