8 Video-making Easy Tips

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8 Video-making Easy Tips

It’s all about Video Marketing nowadays !!!! 

Our CCJM clients ask us all the time tips on video-making…so here you go !

Let us share with you a few little video making tips (for location… to length of video) that should help you get started more confidently:  

Tip 1. Prepare your script with bullet points to help to remind yourself of the main topics you want to cover on your video. Write them in on a single piece of A4 paper in front of you or on little sticky notes.

Tip 2. Video Length? You need to customise your video length for each platform. Hubspot recommends between 2min to 30seconds depending on the platform you are posting your video.: read more HERE

Tip 3. Don’t expect perfection straight away, practise, practise ! Practise will make it easier, you will slowly start feel more comfortable.

Tip 4.  Choose the right location and the moment you feel comfortable sharing your message (to be in the moment / flow). I personally love in the moment and on the move videos because it allows to capture my energy. 

Tip 5.  Remember that It’s about connecting and sharing your messageYour videos don’t have to be perfect. It’s the content that matters! as long as the content itself is engaging. You are creating a relationship of trust with your audience: Trust is the foundation of conversions and sales. 

Tip 6. Write interesting titles and descriptions. You could also incorporate videos into your email marketing campaigns. You can also include relevant videos in blog articles like we did here 🙂

Tip 7. If all of the above fails …hiring a professional videographer might help as they will give you directions in how to deliver your message through the camera 🎥 (get in touch with us we know a couple of very good ones in London, UK)

🎥 a great afternoon with @george_ceuca working on CCJMConsulting intro business videoThank you George for your patience and your guidance today : ‘more colourful and dynamic’ 😂 I will remember that !Hair by the lovely Julie @ross_poole and a little help from Miriam @marose_01 too thank you 🙏 some awesome

Tip 8. Bonus little tips: “be camera / camcorder ready” : chose your outfit to represent / match your business brand (and get your hair makeup done for the ladies lol) if it is for a video for your website for example….or if it is for a more casual video make sure your background is clear of clutter and using some extra light if you are making the video indoors.

Thank you to the gorgeous Dora @theodora.sdr for my lovely makeup


I hope you enjoyed our simple video making tips ! Give us a thumb up or leave us a comment 😉 

Good luck 😉  and remember we are only a click away 😉

Ariane CCJM Business Consultant

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