Social media “instant magic creation”

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Social media “instant magic creation”

How true is that ?
With billions people using social media, the influence one person can attain online has never been bigger. But is all that we see online fake or reality ? The problem with social media nowadays, is that  it creates a false belief that success is sort of a “instant magic creation” of successful businesses and entrepreneurs.
We have to remind ourselves that social media only shows the end results or in some cases even fake / staged results. It does not show in any ways all the struggles, hurdles, sweat, doubts involved in achieving the end results.
It is clear that everyone wants things very quickly nowadays especially with the younger generation. It is our duty to remind ourselves and others that everything takes time !
I remember a family friend & coach telling me “God Speed” when my family was going through some really tough medical tragedies. I did not quite understand it at that time but it all makes sense now looking back…everything is meant to happen when it is meant to happen…there is a purpose in this journey !
Whether you want to call it “God speed” or “timing” etc…the purpose of it all is for you to go through a journey of Learning and Growing. Similar to french roquefort or red wine, you cannot bypass the process of maturing to get to the end result !

So the questions you need to ask yourself when it comes to business:

  • Are you ready to smart work towards your Dream Life?
  • Are you ready to smart work towards your DreamLifestyle, towards your Dream Business?
  • Are you ready to commit, and put in the hours of smart work?
  • Are you ready for this business challenge ?
  • Are you ready to celebrate the little successes along the way ?
  • Are you open to change and learning ?
If your answers are yes than you have to do something about it : CCJM Business Consulting online business courses are here to help you to realise your greatest potential and helps you take the safest and shortest route to your business goals.
It is also is a great way to be “on alert” on this business journey with a co-pilot.
Get in touch with us today by booking free online consultation !

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